Nova Deko. Prefab modular homes built to fit in a shipping container


Homes built from shipping containers are expensive and not green. Nova Deko homes, by contrast are modular and built to fit in a shipping container so they can be sent anywhere. This is true disruptive technology. The modules comes with complete plumbing and wiring. Just plug them together at the site. Current versions are upscale, however perhaps modules could be made for use in disaster relief to provide quick, usable housing.

Nova Deko is an Australian company. The modules are assembled in China.

The real issue here is that it costs a lot less to build in a factory in China than it does in a field in Arizona. There is a massive infrastructure of finishes, plumbing and electrical manufacturers right there, who are making all the things that go into a home. Put them altogether and put them on a truck and ship them anywhere; then just stack them up like the proverbial Lego.

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