More Cool Justice from old school muckraker Andy Thibault


Journalist Andy Thibault played a big role in freeing Bonnie Jean Foreshaw, who was unjustly convicted of murder. He has exposed corruption in Connecticut politics multiple times. Once he gets hold of a story, he doesn’t let go regardless of who he pisses off. We need more journalists like him. He has a new book coming out soon. You can read excerpts and preorder at

“Andy Thibault, aka @cooljustice, is as close as we have to a modern-day revolutionary muckraker. Andy takes up the impossible and makes it possible through dogged determination and by seeing no boundaries when it comes to upholding the justice we all deserve” – Ondi Timoner

“More than ever, the public needs bare-knuckle advocates – and not the glad-handers, greedy careerists, and clueless complainers who often dominate our civic life. One such fighter is Andy Thibault, author of the superb more COOL JUSTICE. His fifth book exposes injustice much in the style of his Law and Justice in Everyday Life, which he authored in 2002 to much acclaim.” – Andrew Kreig

“Thibault is] a friend to poets and writers, a champion of civil liberties, an investigative journalist who relishes rolling up his sleeves and wading in the muck to unearth that memo that the cops wanted to see buried ”¦” Ravi Shankar (chairman of the Connecticut Young Writers Trust)

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