Bill Maher gets Turd of the Day Award on Palestinian tweet


Reaction has been scathing to Bill Maher’s nasty, vindictive pseudo-attempt at humor, if it even was meant to be that. In my opinion, Hamas are corrupt thugs who care little about Palestinians and Israel has gone off the rails screaming for vengeance. None of this excuses Maher’s chortling at slapping women around and mocking disaster and death.

The deeper problems in this are the tremendous amounts of coming blowback and unintended consequences caused by deranged actions from both sides, the dead bodies piling up in mounds, and hatred which will fester for years to come.

Many Arab nations don’t really want Palestinians to have a homeland because Arab fury at Israel keeps their populace preoccupied and less likely to criticize events happening within their homelands. Israelis passing the popcorn and watching attacks on Gaza is beyond sick.


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