Truck drivers could become obsolete, due to autonomous trucks


Mercedes Benz has successfully tested an autonomous truck on the autobahn and plans to mass-market them by 2025. Improved fuel efficiency is predicted as well as getting rid of all those pesky truck drivers who have to eat and sleep. Truckers will become “transport managers”, sitting around consoles directing trucks. I’m guessing, sooner or later, one transport manager will replace 10-20 truck drivers, so that means lots of unemployment coming for those in and supporting the trucking industry.

I remain unconvinced that autonomous vehicles will be safe or able to respond rapidly and correctly to fast-changing emergency situations like black ice, tornadoes, accidents, etc. Commercial airplanes have two pilots. There’s a reason for that, the 0.00001% of the time when you need someone who really knows what they are doing. I doubt a computer driven vehicle will ever be able to handle such crises.

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