Animal right activists charged as terrorists for releasing animals

FBI definition of terrorism
FBI definition of terrorism

Releasing 2,000 mink and foxes from fur farms is a criminal act. However, it does not fit the FBI’s own definition of terrorism. Yet two animal rights activists have been indicted under the Orwellian ‘Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act’ for committing “animal enterprise terrorism” by releasing the animals.

There was no violence involved nor was the government threatened, so how can this be terrorism?

Releasing animals from fur farms is clearly against the law, but in the history of underground groups like the Animal Liberation Front not a single human being has been harmed; yet the FBI continues [contrary yo their own definition] to label animal rights activism as “terrorism.”

New ag-gag laws go even further, criminalizing whistleblowers, undercover investigators and journalists who expose animal cruelty on factory farms.

Sounds to me like federal law enforcement is simply being the enforcers for big business, which should come as no surprise. However, this incident is especially egregious and noxious.

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