Good news! Silicon Valley wants to leave the US


It is truly troubling that overgrown children like this are actually taken seriously in Silicon Valley.

Balaji Srinivasan, yet another overly-entitled, reality-deprived Silicon Valley twit, says the Valley should be an independent nation-state, free from burdensome regulations and strictures from Washington. Oh yes, they also don’t want to pay taxes. Did I mention they don’t want to pay taxes? No word of how they plan to finance their tech wonderland without taxes or defend against, oh, drug cartels swooping in and shooting everyone. Then of course they’d come whining to the US that they need protection at which point we could let them back in after they’ve all been properly spanked.

Maybe someone should tell these wannabe tech overlords that Silicon Valley imports virtually all its water and has no power generation. Asides from having no water or electricity, their new paradise should be wondrous indeed. Oh, all the cushy government contracts and funding they get would disappear too.

One of Silicon Valley’s dirty little secrets is that it imports huge numbers of tech workers from overseas, some of whom are here illegally, pays them less than the going rate, then ships them back home. Gosh, what a wonderland a nation-state like that would be to live in. You’d be a serf with no power. And that’s exactly what the tech twits want.

Also, isn’t talk of breaking away from the US seditious? Why do the tech twits get a pass on this while others don’t?

Why is it that techies can talk about starting their own country without being accused of being extremists and nut jobs? How is it that techies get a respectable article in the Wall Street Journal? Because when other people say similar things about seceding, they are written about with smug disapproval, either frozen out or called a variety of names, “arrogant” not being one of them.

Reality check:

The Journal says Silicon Valley simply can’t “exit” the U.S.; it wouldn’t work anywhere else. “In fact, Silicon Valley probably needs the rest of the nation more than the rest of the nation needs Silicon Valley.”

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  1. They need to team up with Vermont secessionists… ;-)))
    The Republic of Sillicon Vermont,
    a digital paradise with modest mountains.

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