Reap the whirlwind. ISIS would not exist if US hadn’t invaded Iraq


Who could have possibly known if you invade countries, terrorize non-combatants and install puppet governments, that the locals will loathe you and fight back? Certainly not the US, that’s for sure. The US invasion of Iraq was based on lies. The blowback from it includes virulent Islamist groups, a destabilized Middle East, and an Iraq where practically no one wants anything to do with the US. When it comes to geopolitics in the Middle East, the US has quite efficiently poisoned its own well for years to come.

Abu Bakr is Bush and Blair’s love child. He is the the great grandchild of the CIA spooks who overthrew democratic elections in the middle East. He is the step-child of the Egyptian police state, which has proved over and over again that Islamists can’t take power peacefully, because the people with guns won’t allow it. He is the grandchild of Madeline Albright, who thought that half a million Iraqi children were “worth it.”

An evil man, to be sure, Abu Bakr. But a man who does not exist absent the great and extended efforts of men who were, judged by the number of dead and wounded and dispossessed, even more evil than he.

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