Authority is respected when authority is respectable


Americans are losing confidence in all branches of government, and rightfully so, considering the corruption, ineptness, and insular attitudes of the cloistered denizens of DC. They live in protected bubbles, separate from and mostly uncaring about the rest of us. There are no political leaders with vision and ideas, just unending partisan attacks against the other side, which generally just makes things worse. However such partisan tactics do keep campaign contributions flowing in even as they are harmful to the country.

Our foreign policy appears to be managed by deranged chimpanzees whose idea of a long-term goal is two weeks. Let’s see, we funded ISIS in Syria to oppose Assad. Now we want to pal up with Assad to stop ISIS in Iraq while continuing to fund rebels in Syria who oppose Assad? This isn’t foreign policy, this is stumbling from one crisis to the next without a clue or care about consequences. However this does enrich the war pigs, who certainly won’t be sending their kids to get killed and maimed.

The authority of our government is not respected because there’s no reason for it to be. DOJ refuses to criminally prosecute banksters. The Fed bails out Wall Street to the detriment of Main Street. The entire political system is financed by the thinly disguised bribery called campaign contributions.

Confidence in Congress and the Supreme Court are at historic lows. Confidence in the presidency is nearly all time lows. All three have been slipping badly the past few years. Observers across the political spectrum say the current Congress is the worst ever, consumed with partisan attacks, unable and unwilling to accomplish much of anything except for enriching themselves.

This will change. Historically, when respect for government reaches such abysmal lows it can no longer govern effectively and something, either internal or external, forces things to change.

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