What happened to ‘Bring back our girls’? Boko Haram still attacking

Boko Haram logo
Boko Haram logo

Gosh, who could have ever thought hashtags would not be capable of freeing kidnapped girls? There was a great flurry of well-meaning support for the 200 kidnapped Nigeria girls and then poof, this tragic event vanished from the headlines, Michelle Obama’s hashtag sign of “Bring back our girls” notwithstanding.

Are we so confused we think Twitter and Facebook hashtags will somehow free the girls? Or that we have to move on if after two whole weeks, Hashtag Army had no effect. Boko Haram are criminal thugs hiding behind religious fanaticism. The Nigerian Army has been curiously inept during this entire affair, leading to the inescapable conclusions it is either incompetent or complicit. Hashtags do nothing to remedy any of this, they just don’t.

Boko Haram attacks continue. There is no hint where the girls are. Worldwide media seems to have forgotten about them.

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