Slotzilla cometh. The Upper Line


The soon-to-be-opened upper line of Slotzilla in Las Vegas is 144 feet off the ground, goes 1,500 feet, travelling at upwards of 30 mph through the Fremont Street Experience. Vegas is pleased to be continually reinventing itself, giving the people ever new thrills, chills, and fun – just be sure to stop by the casinos, because casino revenue is what finances the rest of the circus.

Sue and I are moving to Vegas soon and are looking forward to it. There are lots of great restaurants and entertainment, plus we will have a steady stream of house guests.

From the always fun

Since this blog’s day job is in the Fremont Street Experience marketing department, we get to bring you an exclusive peek all the latest SlotZilla zip line developments. At least we think we get to. If not, we’ll just file this blog post under security breaches.

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