IRS Lois Lerner investigation; the dog ate her email, call in NSA?


The IRS says two years of Lois Lerner’s mail has tragically vanished. A Congressman wants NSA to supply metadata for the missing email. Pass the popcorn.

Email comes from email servers, which are routinely backed up. IRS says  thousands of Lois Lerner’s emails disappeared because her computer crashed. However, email is never just on the computer that receives it. Email exists on multiple other computers and servers too. Further, the missing emails were only to people or groups outside IRS, including the White House. How very mysterious a computer crash would only wipe out those emails and only those emails.

I’m of the opinion the Lois Lerner affair is a tempest in a teapot, and little if any actual targeting of dissidents was done. However, at best, it is being handled by the government in a Keystone Cops manner. At worst, maybe someone really does have something to hide. However, silly stonewalling like this almost invites the formation of a special prosecutor.

The IRS has admitted to Congressional investigators that many of Lois Lerner’s emails prior to 2011 are missing. Oops. Her computer crashed. The IRS came up with 24,000 Lerner emails from 2009 to 2011. The IRS did this by getting emails from 83 other IRS employees that had cc’s of Lerner emails. But no one knows how many of Ms. Lerner’s emails are gone.

Congressman Steve Stockman Friday asked the National Security Agency to turn over all its metadata on the email accounts of former Internal Revenue Service Exempt Organizations division director Lois Lerner for the period between January 2009 and April 2011.


  1. Wait,
    of course all the emails are likely extant somewhere,
    they have 24,000+ from a three-year period –
    that’s almost 24 emails a day including SUNDAYS!

    Realistically, how many are likely missing???

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