Vegas shooters killed “Don’t Tread On Me” flag too


Will anyone still wave the “Don’t Tread On Me” flag as a symbol of protest after two white supremacists perverted its meaning for the foreseeable future when they laid it on top of the two police officers they murdered in Las Vegas?

Some will put the flag away forever. No more waving it anywhere now. Others will be conflicted, blaming the shooters, who surely were not true members of the cause, for ruining things for the rest, a view that has considerable validity. I have Tea Party sympathizers friends who are as horrified as anyone by what the Vegas shooters did. A small minority will blame the whole thing on a false flag operation by the government to destroy them and, of course, take away their guns. However, they probably won’t wave that flag either now.

From The Desert Beacon, a progressive Nevada blog:

This flag isn’t funny anymore

But, this wasn’t “going out in a blaze of glory.” This was an ambush on two police officers who were having lunch. Two men, doing their job, for their community, their friends and their families. It was nothing more than a cowardly attack on two unsuspecting peace officers. Nothing more.

Yellow is the color of cowards.

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