Mayday US: Quixotic experiment to reclaim our democracy


Lawrence Lessig, who I respect, wants to raise $5 million on Mayday US to create a crowdfunded SuperPAC that will somehow transform DC by backing ethical candidates.

There are two big problems here. First off, $5 million isn’t nearly enough to influence enough elections to turn Congress around. There are probably hundreds of PACs with that kind of money. Second, SuperPACs are an integral part of the current process of corruption in politics. Mayday US says “we want to pay the ransom” to get our democracy back. That can’t work because you would then be doing precisely what which you profess to oppose – influencing politics with money. As Hunter Thompson said, “lie down with the pigs and they’ll call you a swine every time.”

Also,the MayDay US offers little explanation as to how the transformation would happen.

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