Unintended consequences of Europe’s ‘right to be forgotten’ by Google


Europeans can now tell Google to remove them from search results with a ‘right to be forgotten’ request.. Sounds like a great idea, right? College grads looking for jobs can tell Google to purge itself of those embarrassing photos of them doing beer bongs. However, all manner of sleazoids now want their search results made sparkly clean too. This includes pedophiles, criminals, and scamsters. Vile businesses will simply disappear from Google. This doesn’t mean they will stop existing, only that people won’t know about complaints or criminal prosecutions against them. This unquestionably will lead to nasty consequences.

Google searches in Europe will now be manipulated. They will not include possibly important information because their courts now permit censorship be imposed by precisely those with something to hide.

According to statistics provided by Google, 12 percent of removal requests are related to child pornography, 20 percent for violent crime, and 31 percent for fraud/scams. One doctor who suffered negative reviews also wants it removed from Google.

This is not progress.

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