Elliot Rodger. Not just mental illness, misogyny and privilege too

Credit: jezebel.com
Credit: jezebel.com

Santa Barbara killer Elliot Rodger frequented PUAHate, a repellent chat board where men who can’t get laid whine about how evil women are and plot vengeance. The discussions are vicious, nasty, and violent. The sole reason for their lack of sex is because women are deranged creatures sent to inflict pain on them. Thus women, all of them, and most especially attractive white sorority girl types, must be punished. They are fixated on this type of girl, think all others are not good enough for them, then rage that these girls ignore them. It’s not clear if any of these pathetic losers have ever actually asked a girl out on a date or talked to one because he liked her personality. Instead, it’s all about how their penis must be satisfied, generally by 16 yo virgins. Some of them applauded Rodger’s slaughter. A couple of them said they want to do the same. What justifiably creeps out women is they have no way of knowing who these monsters are.

It sort of boggles my mind, at this point, that most women go through life simply hoping to have control over their own bodies, and that these fuckers feel entitled to not only themselves, but to other people. To an audience. To a platform. They exist, therefore we must all pay attention to them, like screaming infants. But despite the fact that many of the PUAHate forum participants could probably benefit from some therapy, Elliot Rodger and company aren’t the mentally ill outliers that the media (and the NRA) depicts them as. They’re much more common than we want them to be. They’re capable of being functional members of society — hell, Elliot Rodger was able to talk his way out of a property search that would have thwarted his mass murder plans before they even began to play out. Part of being a woman is the slow realization that some men, for no discernible reason, are always going to hate you. And you have no way of knowing who they are until they open their mouths, or open fire. Or sit as a fly on a wall in a chat room, invisible, female, and hated.

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