Exene Cervenka says Santa Barbara shooting was hoax


The Eliot Rodger’s videos were shot in a studio and no one died, says Exene Cervenka, former lead singer of LA punk band X. It’s a government hoax to force gun control, she believes. As things get further unhinged in this country, we will see more Bizarro World conspiracy theories like this. Some of them may even be true. This one isn’t

Cervenka believes Rodger’s killing spree along with the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting were designed to force stricter gun control laws ultimately leaving citizens defenseless against the government.

Yes, the government may be trying to force gun control. No, the Santa Barbara slaughter was not a hoax.




  1. There’s a deeper, more important, really fundamental
    question that needs to be answered first:
    How many ells in Eliot/Elliot Rodger?

  2. I’ve seen it spelled both ways elsewhere,
    but I gather the correct spelling is neither
    the third baseman, nor the poet?

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