How not to deal with an IRS tax problem


Do not leave a voice message with an IRS agent threatening to rape his wife and murder his child while he watches then kill him if he calls again. While the IRS does have a procedure to lower your tax debt called ‘Offer in Compromise,” threatening violence is generally not considered a winning strategy. Tragically for Andrew Calcione, his threat backfired and he faces twenty years in prison, even after he left a second message saying to disregard the first message. He made a threat against a federal agent and that makes it a federal offense,

Here’s what Mr Rageaholic said:

‘The next time you think you want to f****** call me up ”¦ don’t. ‘Cause the next time you do, I’m not going to answer. I’m just going to show up where you live,’ Calcione says.

He goes on to threaten the agent’s life and that of his family.

‘Matter of fact, I’d shoot you in the f****** knee caps, tie you to a f****** chair, gag ya ”¦ and then f*** your wife in front of ya, and then blow her f****** brains out in front of ya and maybe kill your f****** kid…’

‘So you can deal with that. Do not f****** call me again. I don’t bother you. Don’t f****** bother me.’

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