Nigeria response to Boko Haram curiously slow, inept

Boko Haram logo
Boko Haram logo

Why did only four parents identify their children out of the ninety in the video Boko Haram released? Adam Curry, in a recent No Agenda podcast says if you put my daughter in a hijab, I would recognize her instantly, as would any parent with their kids. Yet very few Nigerian parents recognized their daughters. How odd.

The government of Nigeria has flip-flopped multiple times of whether they will swap prisoners for the girls. Craig Murray says the Nigeria Army is so corrupt and vicious that President Goodluck Jonathan doesn’t dare deploy them to find the girls. Ok, but why did he wait four weeks to say he would visit the kidnap area then almost immediately back down? Of course security is an issue. However his actions during this crisis have been lackadaisical, uncaring, and dithering.

Relatives in Chibok were angry at the cancellation, saying they had no confidence that the government was doing everything possible to find the missing girls.

“You begin to question what could be more important to the president than the lives of these students,” said Allen Manasseh, whose 18-year-old sister Maryamu Wavi was abducted from the Chibok government girls secondary school.

Meanwhile the French and others are blathering on at a summit about how Boko Haram has slaughtered thousands and has ties to al-Qaeda, something everyone already knows.

A statement before the summit said the leaders would “discuss fresh strategies for dealing with the security threat posed by Boko Haram and other terrorist groups in West and Central Africa”.

Which means… what? Drones? Troops and the ground? Has Boko Haram infiltrated Nigeria government and military so thoroughly that neither can be trusted? If so, outside forces probably get help much, especially since Nigeria doesn’t want them in the country. After all, this could focus unwanted attention on their massively corrupt government and ruling class.

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