Beneficial drones, dronejacking, and clone drones


Our Brave New World of drones is coming. They will be everywhere soon. The process is irreversible. Some drones, like those from Skycatch, provide important data and are hugely useful. However, what happens when drones become autonomous and weaponized? This is also inevitable, and made worse by many drones being easy to build and assemble.

Dronejacking is a reality. GPS has security flaws which make it possible for one drone to seize control of another drone.

Researchers from the University of Texas successfully hijacked a civilian drone at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico during a test organized by the Department of Homeland Security.

Iran says they’ve successfully reverse engineered crashed US drones and have now created replicas with bombing capabilities. Drone technology will soon be everywhere.

On the optimistic side, Skycatch builds autonomous drones and innovative docking stations. Drones can land, recharge or swap out batteries, transfer data, then take off. No human intervention is needed. The primary application is on private land, monitoring construction sites, mining, and agriculture.

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