Sock puppets for Zohydro


I recently posted about Zohydro, a powerful new drug approved by FDA that will almost certainly lead to overdoses and deaths. Some state governors want to ban it. I got six comments, all highly negative, from people who had never commented before on the blog. How curious. You see, virtually all the comments I get to blog posts are when I repost them on social media and most comments on the blog are from regular readers. Facebook reposts almost always get more comments than original blog posts. But not this time. Instead, it’s clear, pro-Zohydro sock puppets were scanning blog posts for Zohydro references, then trying to pile on with criticisms.

This aptly demonstrates the mentality we’re dealing with here and is noteworthy because I rarely if ever get six comments on a blog post from people who have never posted before. I’m not suggesting Zohydro is behind this and in fact their PR firm sent me info politely explaining why I am mistaken (which is fine), rather than insulting me as the commenters did. However, they clearly were sock puppets at work.