Jae Williams will turn 21 in prison doing life without parole

Jae Williams, Randy Thompson
Jae Williams, Randy Thompson

Here in idyllic San Jose, Jae Williams, 20, was sentenced to prison for life for brutally murdering a friend just because he wanted to. Williams, who admitted dabbling in Satanism, stabbed Michael Russell to death when both were 15. Presumed accomplice Randy Thompson goes on trial soon.

Thus, Williams could easily spend 40-50 years in prison before dying. Is justice served by this? Should Williams ever be let out? To me, this is no different than Manson Family butchery. Some crimes are so grave that those committing them should never be allowed out of prison. Death penalty proponents might argue, well, just execute them.

Some laugh at Satanism. I don’t. There are indeed things that go bump in the dark and if you allow them in, they may well do just that. However, that is no justification or excuse for murder.

In a videotaped confession two days after Michael was killed, Williams told the detectives that he and Thompson dabbled in Satanism and had already beaten a cat to death, adding, “I guess I just finally wanted to kill somebody. I had my chance and took it.”

Pressed at least six times by the officers about why he would kill a friend, he said, “It might not be a very good reason, but there is a reason,” Williams said. “‘Cause we wanted to.”

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