Zohydro, “heroin in a capsule” now available. Captive FDA approved it

Credit: ringoffireradio.com
Credit: ringoffireradio.com

Zohydro contains 5x more oxycodone hydrocodone than OxyContin. A captured FDA approved its use last October against the recommendation of it own panel. Multiple states are trying to ban it yet are being blocked from doing so by federal courts and FDA.

OxyContin itself is a scourge. Large amounts of it routinely somehow fall off the back of trucks, are prescribed by corrupt pill doctors, causing addiction and death. Yet the FDA pretends a pill with five times more oxy in it will be safe and not abused. This is not stupidity, this is corruption.

It gets worse. OxyContin has been reformulated to make it difficult to snort or inject. Zohydro has no such reformulation and thus is custom-made for addicts to get high.

The FDA has to be swept clean from the top to the bottom. It is corrupt,” said Marianne Skolek of Myrtle Beach, S.C., who writes about the pharmaceutical industry for Salem-News.com.

“They can’t sue you if it’s true,” AFL-CIO of Massachusetts President Steve Tolman said following Skolek’s remarks before delivering a fiery indictment of the pharmaceutical industry, a sector that has major ties to Massachusetts.

“There’s something wrong with this country when the pharmaceutical companies are having their way with Congress,” said Tolman, decrying the lack of treatment for the millions addicted to drugs.


  1. “Zohydro contains 5x more oxycodone than OxyContin”

    It’s obvious anyone can have a blog, and cite whatever ‘facts’ they wish. Zohydro has ZERO oxycodone. It has hydrocodone. Zohydro ER is extended release prescribed for 12 hours and comes in doses as high as 50mg. OxyContin is available today in 80mg doses, and the abuse deterrent does not prevent abuse by mouth, and if you want to snort it you check out the 5 minute process (accessible on youtube) required to make it snortable.

    98% of opioids do not have abuse deterrents and are not required to have them. It’s a new imperfect technology which does little to prevent abuse. Often the effectiveness of the opioid is reduced with the abuse deterrent. Talk to any Oxycontin users with the reformulated version..

    Hydrocodone by itself is no more supercharged than hydrocodone mixed with acetaminophen which has been around for decades in abusable forms. The only difference is that it is released over 12 hours. You can take one 10-50 mg pill over 12 hours, or take 2 vicodin (Immediate release) every 4 hours (as prescribed) and end up with the same amount of hydrocodone. The difference besides being able to sleep through the night, is that there is no acetaminophen which is toxin to the liver when taken in high doses by chronic pain suffers. There are 50+ approved opioids as ‘potent’ or more ‘potent’ than Zohydro. There is nothing stopping a vicodin user from popping 10 pills and getting 100mg of immediate release hydrocodone.

    I respect one’s right to be concerned with opioid usage and the FDA approval process. But making stuff up to support your argument is downright wrong.

  2. Ummm, Zohydro contains ZERO “Oxy”, “Oxycodone” or “OxyContin”. I have completely lost faith in American Journalism. This article is about as far from accurate as you can get

  3. Wow… completely wrong. Mr. Bob Morris, do
    you check any facts at all? You call yourself a journalis? I’d say more like a completely incompetent misinformation spamming sleeze ball….

  4. For the author, wait i’m sorry, you don’t deserve to be referred to as author. Bob, you are clueless.

  5. Wow, sock puppets, some with no email address. Which of course makes them totally trustworthy.

    I of course meant 5x more hydrocodone not oxycodone, a dumb error on my part which however still leads to the same conclusion. Zohydro will lead to overdoses and deaths. Pretending otherwise is deliberate evasion or from someone who knows little about addiction.

    I am a recovered addict. People will die from using Zohydro. I agree with the governor of Massachusetts. It should be banned.

    • Speaking of trustworthy, if your first sentence is false, how can
      anything else said be trusted? Dumb mistakes seem to be made all day
      long regarding public understanding of this drug and more importantly

      It wasn’t a drug that pulled you into addiction, it was your
      life circumstances that YOU were using drugs to escape/avoid. I wish you
      the best on your recovery but picking up the sword and trying to fight
      on propaganda lead information isn’t an effective way to give back to the community your addiction no undoubtedly harmed. You
      can blame alcohol, drugs, whatever the poison, but these things are
      inanimate, no free will, choice, power or morality. The only ability
      they express is the ones their users express. People have died on oxy, fen, heroin, meth, Vicodin, acetaminophen, alcohol, and im sure some will die on Zohydro, but they didn’t die because or from these drugs, they died because THEY lost control of life.

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