Western intellectuals think Putin can be co-opted. Maybe not…

Credit:  premier.gov.ru.
Putin riding with motorcycle club that would be considered outlaws in US. Credit: premier.gov.ru.

D.C. intellectuals think since Putin is worth billions, he will surely act in the class interests of the 1% he belongs to and tone things down in Ukraine. Zero Hedge says they couldn’t be more wrong. What do you think?

Here’s an alert for the intellectual set. Vladimir Putin is a 1%’er. Just not yours. Putin has more in common with the other 1% crowd collectively known as outlaw motorcycle gangs.

The trouble for the 1% “smart-crowd” is they have no idea or frame of reference this other group works or plays in, let alone any understanding of what motivates or causes them to rethink conquest.

However, the outlaw 1% know exactly how to frighten, extort, and run ruff-shot over the intellectual. All while laughing and enjoying the process.

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