Rwanda genocide. Woman forgives man who killed her husband, sons


Juliette and Emmanuel are now friends. Fifty thousand Tutsis were slaughtered by Hutus one savage day in Rwanda. Juliette is Hutu. Her husband was Tutsi. He saved her life by pushing her out the door when a mob with machetes and guns crashed down the door. He and her two children were butchered. Emmanuel was one of the attackers.

Incredibly, amazingly, Juliette and Emmanuel are now friends. The process started when he went to a village court. She says he was the only one who was completely honest about what he did. He went to prison, and upon release went into a program sponsored by World Vision for healing and reconciliation. Juliette says forgiveness freed her from her grief. Emmanuel says repentance allows him to lead a new life.

The killing field is now a Rwanda national memorial and is where Juliette works.

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