Rise of corporate Democrats, beholden to business not people

Credite:  vimeo.com/laane
Credite: vimeo.com/laane

Faux progressives, pretend liberals, and corporate Democrats are increasingly taking power, especially in California. You know the type. They mouth platitudes about supporting the environment and helping the poor then consistently vote against any such measures, preferring instead to shovel in corporate money. And there is plenty of corporate, PAC, and special interest money available to them. Those who whine about how the Koch Brothers control politics through money are being deliberately evasive. Democratic politicians also have access to huge amounts of money. Both parties are compromised and corrupt. Both are primarily focused on sucking on the corporate money tit.

This is the problem:

A new breed of Democrat, one exceedingly attentive to big business while tone-deaf toward the Democratic Party’s traditional base, which includes union workers, environmentalists and public school advocates.

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