California Democrats in denial about burgeoning corruption scandals


Semi-retired CA Democratic kingmaker Willie Brown says suspension (with pay!) of three corrupt members by State Senate will stop all that icky bad PR and embarrassment. He’s in denial, if not outright delusional.

All three will continue to draw paychecks. All a suspension does is get them out of the Capitol.

Plus, expelling the three would risk the prospect of potentially embarrassing hearings.

It may get them out of the Capitol. However it does not get them out of the headlines, especially since one of the three has already been convicted and the other two face serious corruption charges. Arranging to sell weapons from Muslim separatists to US organized crime, as Leland Yee is charged with, is not run of the mill corruption. Californians are outraged by this and by the tepid suspension with pay from the Democrat-controlled Senate against three Democrat senators.

Also the coming federal court trials will be way beyond embarrassing for Democrats. Republicans of course will launch blistering attacks against Democrats.