Democrat-controlled California Senate barely disciplines corruption

corruption handcuffs

The California Senate took the weakest possible measures against three corrupt senators (all Democrats) by suspending them with pay. Sen. Rod Wight has already been convicted of voter fraud. Sens. Ron Calderon and Leland Yee are facing multiple serious federal corruption charges. Yet the Senate deems it okay for them to continuing receiving their salary. This is an insult to voters.

Despite Democratic bleating about how shocked, just shocked they are, their actions are stupidly and dangerously comatose and show them to be ambivalent about criminal behavior among their own. The suspension of the three has now cost  Democrats their supermajority in the CA Senate.

The NRA, right wing groups, and others will use this unceasingly in the upcoming 2014 elections as ammo against incumbent Democrats, and rightfully so. Gov Jerry Brown is calling for the three to resign but that’s still weak tea. If state Democrats don’t want to get harpooned by scandals completely of their own makings, they need to get pro-active, use the bully pulpit, force the three from office, then clean up their own sewers.