Malaysia Flight 370 – Hiding in plain sight on established routes


Malaysia Flight 370 may have avoided detection by flying on commercial routes. The passengers are almost certainly dead. The focus now is on airstrips in Taliban-held area.

It suggested that the aircraft might not have roused the suspicions of those watching military radars if it followed commercial routes. It also cited unnamed sources as saying the plane had flown low over the Malay peninsula.

Flying up to 45,000 feet is highly risky and wouldn’t be needed to kill the passengers. Pilots can turn off oxygen and pressurization in passenger areas.

[In] the current generation of Boeing products, the pressurization and passenger O2 can be turned off in the Flight Deck

There is no access to the cockpit on modern airliners in flight from the passenger compartment, lets just say the door has been modified and leave it at that, and can only be opened from the inside.

Was Flight 370 flown into a Taliban area in Pakistan or Afghanistan?

Large areas of the southern half of Afghanistan are ruled by the Afghan Taliban, while some areas of north-west Pakistan, adjacent to or near to the Afghan border, are controlled by the Pakistani Taliban.

Experts have said the aircraft could have been on the ground when it sent its satellite signals.

The last words from the plane may have been from the co-pilot

The last message from the cockpit – “All right, good night” – came around the time the signalling systems were switched off

The flight could have flown at 5,000 feet to avoid detection.

MH370 could have flown ‘as low as 5,000ft to avoid radar’. Malaysian media reports say investigators considering the possibility missing plane dropped lower after diverting off course