Malaysia Flight 370. Crackpot theory now confirmed


Adam Curry, podcaster and pilot, said for days on the No Agenda podcast that Malaysia Flight 370 was hijacked, did not crash, and landed somewhere. His supposedly crackpot theory has now been confirmed by authorities. So, what else does he say about the flight?

Curry says pilots turn off transponders relatively routinely, and this is no big deal. However, military satellites and radar, plus the US military know where every flight is. Thus, he doesn’t believe they didn’t know where it was. Most unsettlingly though, Curry speculates that perhaps the hijackers wanted something on the flight (or the plane itself). If so, the passengers would be expendable, and easily killed by turning off air to the main cabin.

Curry plays the Crackpot on the podcast to tech journalist John C. Dvorak’s Buzzkill. They dissemble the media and often break stories and cover news no one else does.