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  1. …Funny how she had the same hair style in 2008 when she ‘supported Obama’, lol! The rest of her videos on her youtube page show she’s a shill.

    I agree with some of what she says about Wall Street and Monsato but the rest….are either lies or you all have advocated for at one time. Idiots.
    So…how did Obama ‘viciously punish journalists?’ He did not ‘criminalize protests.’ Yeah, he handed a windfall to insurance companies with Obamacare. Because that was the compromise with the GOP. You’d rather we have true socialized health care? WE SHOULD! And the GOP voted against funding to close GITMO. You’d rather he did nothing with Putin as Bush did when he invaded Georgia? Get real.

    Yeah, damn you Obama for preventing a depression and saving the auto industry. Damn you for getting Osama, Khadaffi and ending Iraq. Damn you for starting a ground breaking program which saves Americans lives and helps the economy. Damn you for not sacrificing more American troops by using drones I’m sure Bush wouldn’t have used them more if he had the latest technology (yes, he used them too). And you don’t think a GOP president wouldn’t have used them even more?

    • The bailout did not cost taxpayers anything; in fact, to date, a net surplus of funds from dividends, profit shares, and interest payments have been made to the U.S. Treasury from the initial bailout funds.
    • It is her opinion that Obamacare has ‘helped’ big pharma.
    • There is no evidence to suggest that corruption is as rampant in the FDA as she suggests. It is stupid to suggest that the FDA is putting personal interests ahead of public safety, as it is in the administration’s best interests to maintain public support and approval (a big health outbreak wouldn’t help this).
    • Obama did not refuse to close Guantanamo Bay Prison; he issued executive orders to revoke funding and urged the Congress to close it permanently. The Congress prevented this action, not Obama.
    • Obama did not criminalise peaceful protests; one, Obama doesn’t create laws, the Congress does, and two, the bill signed was simply an updated version of a one signed by Nixon that updated processes for dealing with federal building protection

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