Forget about antiquated bitcoin. Get ready for Goldies!

All the cryptocurrencies will be assimilated
All the cryptocurrencies will be assimilated

Replacing bitcoin is a total bankster wet dream. Investment banks like Goldman Sachs may soon create and control their own cryptocurrencies. The amateurish, independent exchanges of today are toast. Big money will create new cryptocurrency exchanges and – how sweet is this for them – the banksters running the exchanges will be in full control of their own currency, creating new currency when they want, in effect printing money.

Rich people may soon have their money in, perhaps, Goldman Sachs Goldiesâ„¢ , moving it around the world effortlessly and anonymously while the rest of us will be in the equivalent of 1976 Mexican pesos (Mexico devalued the peso by 50%, some people lost everything.)

Several venture capitalists already are exploring the investment case for a regulated U.S. cryptocurrency exchange. And I know of at least one VC-backed company that is in serious talks to move forward this something like this, likely via a “seat” mode.

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