US Embassy in Egypt ignored repeated calls about Medea Benjamin


This is Chicago-style payback for Medea Benjamin mocking US officials at hearings in DC. Let Egyptian thugs break her bones then have the embassy ignore the phone calls, and do nothing while she writhes in pain. They didn’t even feign concern.

AMY GOODMAN: Did the U.S. embassy representative ever come to see you at the airport?

MEDEA BENJAMIN: No. Some of the delegates, including Ann Wright, who had already arrived for the Gaza delegation, had been calling the embassy non-stop. The CodePink people in D.C. were calling the embassy non-stop. They were always saying, “They’re supposed to show up. They’re supposed to show up.” They never showed up. I was on the tarmac. The Turkish airline was forced to take me, but we delayed an hour while they were debating what to do. There were about 20 men there. And the embassy never showed up the entire time.

AMY GOODMAN: And how long were you held, that the U.S. embassy, that’s supposed to protect U.S. citizens, never showed up?

MEDEA BENJAMIN: Well, I was held from 8:30 in the evening until the next day at about 11:00 a.m. They—as I said, we put in so many calls. And they even knew then, when I was attacked and I was in excruciating pain and wanted their help to get to a hospital. They still didn’t show up then. And so, they were missing in action the entire time.

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  1. Rohnert Park Cossack

    Benjamin is a crybaby. She wants embassy protection and the supposed privleges of an American abroad. It’s an elitist mentality that has characterized her whole career. Remember when she was hooked up with Kevin Danaher (sp) when he was a heroin user living on Cypress Avenue in Cotati? Above the law then, disrespectful of the laws now. For Medea the Gaza blockade is a fundraising opportunity, not a real mission of solidarity with the Palestinean people.

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