Banksters lining up to keep Ukraine supine with bailout money


Bankster thugs and their pals in Ukraine government have vacuumed that country’s Treasury empty. EU and Russia now pledge to bail out the country. How cozy is that? Heck, it might even be the same money and the same people. Banksters working with corrupt governments loot a country then bail it out, demanding onerous terms.

“There is absolutely no money on the treasury account,” Speaker-cum-Interim President Turchinov told Parliament, accusing the Yanukovych government of “robbing” the country.

While barricades were in the streets, the bank accounts presumably got looted. By now the money has sluiced its way across the planet through multiple countries with opaque banking laws and will be difficult to locate, much less get back.

Further complicating the already perilous situation there, most of the wealth in Ukraine is in eastern areas which are pro-Russia. Plus, of course, Ukraine has tasty pipeline routes and ports on the Black Sea.