Shipping container homes, the case against from a builder

Shipping container cabin
Shipping container cabin

Shipping container homes are not less expensive to build, construction is difficult, permitting can be dicey, they aren’t particularly green, and there are obvious design limitations. This from Tin Can Cabin blog, who built a cabin using three shipping containers. Such dwellings do offer increased security and the ability to make an architectural statement. However, for most of us, the disadvantages are numerous.

One of the more common misconceptions prospective builders have is that building with shipping containers will be less expensive. I’m here to tell you it’s not.

Normally straightforward tasks like electrical, plumbing, painting, and trim work can take several times longer when working with containers.

It’s usually quite difficult to get approval for a non-conventional building such as this.

Designing an efficient and livable cabin in multiples of 8, 20, and 40 foot lengths is a huge limitation.

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