Banksters getting weepy over possibility they might be prosecuted


Pass me a hanky. Our criminal bankster class is getting twitchy over the increasing possibility they might criminally prosecuted for their multitudes of crimes rather than just having the corporation pay a fine and promise to sin no more. Oh the horror.

Obama has steadily run interference for the banksters, mouthing empty platitudes about fairness and rule of law while refusing to criminally prosecute bankster buddies like Jamie Dimon. However the stench of corruption has now gotten too stinky to ignore, so maybe DoJ will actually do its job for a change.

A new push by regulators and lawmakers to hold individuals, rather than just institutions, accountable for regulatory violations involving money laundering is spooking members of the U.S. financial industry, an executive of retail broker E*Trade Financial said on Thursday.

Y’know what would spook these criminals in expensive suits even more? Being frog-marched to prison after asset forfeiture, that’s what.