Jerry Brown asks court to intervene against courts on high speed rail



Emperor Jerry Brown of California is banging his rattle on the high chair, demanding the California Supreme Court intervene on two court rulings blocking his beloved high speed rail project. The guv says these rulings “imperil” the huge amounts of pork he plans to distribute to big labor and big banks, and all because of some foolishness about the State being evasive and less than forthcoming about funding. That many think funding only exists in the fevered minds of the state and that Prop 1A, which funds part of HSR, mandates funding must exist before construction starts, are seen as bothersome by the governor only shows how desperate he is becoming. Why it was only a few months the high speed rail authority haughtily said the court rulings mere were blips to be ignored. Now they want them overturned. Good luck with that.

The request comes after a Sacramento Superior Court judge in November ordered the state to rescind its original funding plan for the project. The lower court ruled that the California High-Speed Rail Authority failed to comply with provisions of Proposition 1A, the voter-approved 2008 initiative that included initial funding for the project.

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