Weather hysteria


Yes, it’s cold. However overblown reporting pretending to be news and people way overreacting is not helping. When I was a kid, we used to go skiing when it was minus 10 and people didn’t make such a big deal about weather swings.

This is cheap, easy, dumbed-down, meaningless “reporting.” News crews don’t have to do anything except stick a camera on someone’s face and ask them if it’s cold.

Chiberia“? that’s just silly.

“The National Weather Service adopted the Twitter hashtag “?#?Chiberia?” for Chicago, where temperatures were at 14 below zero. (Parts of the vast Siberian region, such as Tobolsk, had Fahrenheit temps in the low teens Monday, though other parts had temperatures of 50 below zero.)”

That’s right folks, people in Siberia routinely survive weather way colder than what the US is getting now.