Downtown Container Park in Vegas. Mall built from shipping containers


Downtown Container Park is one of many new projects designed to revitalize downtown Las Vegas. It’s an artfully done, fun shopping mall constructed primarily from shipping containers. Yeyt it’s not boxy or industrial at all. The architecture is varied and, judging from the video, it invites you to explore it.

The downtown Container Park has 34 outlets, and the folks behind it (the Downtown Project, led by gazillionaire Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh) have been very clever about the shopping center’s tenants.

The shops and bars and restaurants are quirky and diverse, but the thing they all seem to have in common is that they truly understand what the Container Park is all about. It’s a community, for the community.

And because it’s Vegas, it has a “giant, fire-spewing praying mantis outside.” I like Vegas. It has personality.