California high speed rail plans finally in serious trouble


California Governor Jerry Brown is determined to build high speed rail, his gift to big labor and big banks. But courts may have slowed him. Recent rulings say they can’t use state money because it violates the terms of the bond issue that financed it. Now lawmakers are saying using federal money could be perilous because California has to match the funds. If it can’t, California would have to pay back the federal funds.

The rail agency’s refusal to acknowledge the growing risks to taxpayers and the project has become part of a political strategy to keep the project moving, said Elizabeth Alexis, a co-founder of a Bay Area watchdog group that has been critical of the rail authority.

Richard “is whistling past the graveyard,” said DeSaulnier, who doubts the rail authority can come up with the money it needs to comply with state law.

But that’s not stopping them from being nearly delusional in insisting it will be built.