Affluenza. Rich kid gets probation for killing four people drunk


A 16 year old rich kid, Ethan Couch, who killed four people while driving drunk gets probation and no prison. His parents will pay his bills at a pricey rehab. This is a perversion of justice.

A defense psychologist says the poor lad suffers from “affluenza.” He manipulated anything he wanted from his parents. They always got him out of trouble. So, instead of serving ten years, as the prosecution asked for, he goes to a rehab lockup and daddy will pay the $500,000 bill. Thus, the alleged problem, parents who enable their kids in grotesque ways, is made worse by daddy paying the bills and getting his son out of trouble yet again.

It sounds to me like Couch is alcoholic (yes, you can be alcoholic at 16) and has never had anyone tell him ‘No’ and mean it.

Four people are dead. Do Ethan Couch, his parents, or the judge care about them?