Gustin. Handcrafted crowdsourced men’s jeans


Gustin takes a unique approach to selling their high quality jeans, shirts, and belts. They create a new item with a campaign goal of generally less than 100 backers. If it reaches the goal, the item is made. Their jeans have sold in stores for $205 and are available in their innovative crowdsourced method for $80-90.

Jeans come in a variety of specialty demin. Note: this is raw demin, with no stretch fabric. When you first get them, they will be tight. However, after a day or so the waist will expand about an inch as they get broken in.

This is a great idea for a small clothing manufacturer as they never have waste or large amounts of unsold items being returned. Every item is already sold when they make it. And their quality is superb.

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