California Green Elite’s class warfare against the rest of us


New Geography skewers the trend among elitists in California of using faux green concern to protect their property and real estate interests in what amounts to class warfare. They often are particularly interested in financing grid scale renewable energy projects inside California because state laws will soon mandate only in-state renewable energy can be used. Thus they will have captive buyers. How convenient and cozy is that? Oh, poor people in  baking agricultural valleys will pay much more for air conditioning, but really, this is all for the greater good, don’t you think?

The green gentry today often refer not to sentiment but science — notably climate change — to advance their agenda. But their effect on the lower orders is much the same. Particularly damaging are steps to impose mandates for renewable energy that have made electricity prices in California among the highest in the nation and others that make building the single-family housing preferred by most Californians either impossible or, anywhere remotely close to the coast, absurdly expensive.

Another example of this is the push in the SF Bay Area to mandate only multi-dwelling or tightly packed together new homes be built, making it increasingly difficult to build a traditional suburban house. Those pushing for this generally live in big houses. These rules of course are just for the little people.