seriously borked, sends bad data to insurers


A $500 million application should not be this screwed up. is sending incomplete and erroneous data to insurers, forcing them to re-check everything manually. Sure, any piece of new software has a shakedown period where bugs are fixed. But the problems are so severe that it seems like there is something structurally wrong with the entire system.

Sue and I went on to see what insurance would cost if we were both self-employed again and found the system to be not particularly user-friendly. We had to contact customer support to figure out how to compare policies. The Home Page needs to be much clearer about how to research plans.

The problems with the new government healthcare marketplace continue to multiply. Health insurers are now complaining that applications submitted through are deeply flawed, producing duplicate enrollments, spouses listed as children, missing required data, and more.

I am a coder and am baffled that an application written and designed by professionals would allow missing required data to be sent. This is not rocket science. I support ACA. They need to fix these problems fast.