Maybe I don’t want a smart refrigerator


Brave new you and your smart refrigerator, which will ever-so-helpfully report back to your doctors (and the NSA) about your dietary habits. Here’s what’s coming.

The scale at the physician’s office registers +5.2 lbs. over your last visit.

Doc accesses your smart refrigerator log & frowns at the amount of chocolate covered string beans and Ben & Jerry’s Mega-Fat Heart Attack ice cream you’ve been eating.

You: (Whining) But, the string beans are full of fiber!

Doc writes a prescription to your refrigerator: No bacon, no butter, no saturated fats, no sugar, no chocolate, no refined carbohydrates, no alcohol.

Under the Obesity and Bariatric Avoidance and Monitoring Act of 2018 (OBAMA), it has the force of law.

The refrigerator incinerates and disposes of your pizzas and vintage twinkie collection from the ’80s. A delivery box full of healthy food choices is sitting on your doorstep when you arrive home. A block of frozen skinless boneless 3-D printed chicken breast. Far too much tofu. Sprouts. Yum.

Built around the company’s signature Inverter Linear Compressor, LG’s smart refrigerator is equipped with a full range of smart technologies. First among them is Smart Manager, which transforms the refrigerator into a complete food management system. Customers can use the LCD panel or their smartphones to check what’s inside without opening the door. With the Smart Manager`s Freshness Tracker, users can input various foods and check their expiration dates. Additionally, the Smart Manager recommends dishes to cook based on which ingredients are available in the refrigerator.