There be dragons on the Internet, in the Deep Web


The Deep Web is where the dragons live. Here’s how to get on it. Get Tor, the anonymized browser from EFF. Use these links to get started. They only work with Tor, they will not work in a regular browser. The Deep Web in theory can be used by political dissidents to relay information and have secure conversations. However, it’s also filled with illegal drug sales, hit men, sickening porn, and more. Financial transactions are done with bitcoin.

Heed this warning.

Let me issue a STRONG WARNING at this point. Be extremely careful what sites you visit and links you click. You could find yourself on a child pornography website or just all-around grotesque sexual deviance-focused site that will ruin your experience (and in the case of child pornography, your life). The wiki page linked to above contains mostly safe sites to search but stay away from anything labeled as a ‘chan’ or ‘bulletin board’ as they probably traffic heavily in child pornography. Anything labeled CP is to be AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS. It will lead you to child porn.

Is this all anonymous. Probably not.

Tor works by encrypting data and sending it through various relay sites. This will probably stop casual or semi-serious attacks. However it’s thought by some that, since anyone can have a relay site, at least some relays are run by governments. I would not bet my life that Tor is completely secure. But it does make it much harder to track you.

Also heed what just happened to Silk Road, a Deep Web site for illegal drug sales.

The bonehead mistake that brought down an online drug-dealing empire

The owner accidentally used his real name asking a question on the Stack Overflow tech board. He asked ‘“How can I connect to a Tor hidden service using curl in php?’, which caught attention of FBI.

The Feds allege Silk Road’s boss paid for murders of both a witness and a blackmailer.