Amphibious Home rises in floods, is self-sufficient

Amphibious Home during a flood

Amphibious Home during a flood

The Amphibious Home is a smart house that rises up in floods while remaining stationary and providing solar power and more so you can live off the grid.

Juan Castanos is planning to build self-sustaining amphibious cities that will host and help humanity in a world where floods are recurrent globally.

The main feature of the intelligent design of an Amphibious home is to rise as the flood waters increase but still remain stationary. Once this event happens ,the normal services provided from your city will be shut down. But, you and your family will not have any inconvenience because the house will become a self sufficient structure by producing it’s own electricity, water and sewer supply, along with a garbage compactor container. This will not only save the environment but help you save money as well.

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