Zombie California high speed rail takes a serious blow


A California judge has ruled the California High Speed Rail Authority essentially made up numbers to justify funding when no such funding actually existed. He said it’s not clear if he has the authority to kill this wretched project and has called another hearing. This kind of confused political mess is just so California… Meanwhile, ever perky Gov. Jerry Brown says he’ll steam along undeterred until forced to stop. After all, this project helps Brown’s two big constituencies, big labor unions who will build the HSR project and big banks who will fund it with bonds.

If California had been even vaguely honest and realistic about costs, funding, and income for HSR I’d support it. But instead they’ve engaged in lies, evasions, and attempted steamrollings since day one.

HSR works great elsewhere. California can’t afford it and its current plan is irretrievably broken and flawed. It’s time to kill the California HSR zombie for keeps.

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  1. “Zombie” is the perfect moniker for this project.

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