Imagine, if you will, 5 million pissed off unemployed truckers


Autonomous self-driving trucks are coming. Wall Street is slobbering in anticipation of new profits and eliminating truckers and their damned unions.

Vegas has self driving taxis now. An Australian mine is transitioning to driverless mining trucks. Millions of jobs worldwide will vanish as the irreversible trend to driverless cars accelerates.

Of course those millions of unemployed truckers might start getting a bit cranky about this.


  1. Truckers have to check the flatbed every two hours. For intracity trucking, they usually get out and deliver it like packages. When you are talking trailers, you need that extra bit of insurance. Maybe for large trailerless trucks with automatic transmissions that might work.

    • Exactly. I can’t imagine driverless trucks on bust city streets. But it’s coming for hauling from, say, a warehouse on the outskirts of Vegas straight up I-15 to the outskirts of Salt Lake. Triples are allowed on I-15 there too.

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