All a friend can say is, ain’t it a shame

A friend just couldn’t get the program, couldn’t put down the drugs and alcohol. Her health disintegrated. She just died of heart failure, brought on by malnutrition and way too much of whatever she was doing.


  1. Condolences. I had the same thing happen with a long-lost friend. His family got me back in touch with him – way too late. Armed, paranoid and insane – and had scarcely left his apartment in years. The silver lining was that he died before he could take anyone else with him.

    Just a thought, but as the reality of our situation as a species sets in I think there’ll be more of us checking out. I’m guessing it’ll be the more sensitive ones among us. If ignorance is bliss though, why are republicans so angry?

    • Some on the right are angry at the same thing lefties are. Seriously. Right wing libertarians are pissed about NSA and endless war too.

      So sad about your friend.

  2. I presume you’re talking about a friend up here. I always hoped she’d “get it.” I miss her.

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