Jerry Brown wants his tunnels using your money without your input

California Gov Jerry Brown really wants to build two big tunnels to siphon water away from the Sacramento Delta. To that end, contracts with 279 water buyers must be re-negotiated. Billions are at stake. The opportunities for pork, back room deals, and fattening bank accounts at the expense of California taxpayers are juicy indeed. Do you really think the average Californian could follow that many contracts, especially since negotiations are mostly being done in private?

Los Angeles water users, surprise! You’re now on the hook for billions to pay for the tunnels even though you won’t get much water from them. Yes, this is a distinct possibility. There will be moans and lamentations when Californians find out how much of their money has been spent for them on two tunnels that should never be build in the first place.

But Jerry Brown will have kept big unions and big banks happy.